【大笔书盛世 翰墨展风华】中国当代艺术名家——杨茗媛

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Yang Mingyuan (Yang Yanling) settled in Beijing. National first-class artists,people's artists, Chinese national ceremony artists, famous artists with both virtue and art, meritorious artists, painting and calligraphy inheritors, Chinese art inheritors, famous painters and painters with good Chinese brands, and artistic image ambassadors.




1969年出生于黑龙江、自幼绘画,学习临画古代名家大作,多年来持之以恒不断努力. 其艺术作品多次参加美术大展,被国内外友人收藏。

Born in Heilongjiang in 1969, he painted at an early age, studied ancient famous paintings, and made persistent efforts for many years. His works of art participated in many art exhibitions and were collected by friends at home and abroad.


At the age of 18, he began to study Yi-ology and was a disciple of Buddhism and Taoism. Buddhist conversion: to die out exorcist, and to take the name: wonderful name. Taoist apprentice: Zhen Dacheng, the Taoist priest, takes the routeNo.: Yiming, and is passed down from the 24 generations of Yuyang people of Quanzhen religion.





Chinese painting is taught by Mr. Wang Kuohai, the founder of New Chinese Painting, the Chairman of the Central State Organs Artists Association, and the second generation disciple of Ouyang Zhongshi (studied by Mr. Chang Shi, Hongren) and the second generation disciple of Huang Yongyu (studied by Mr. Wang Chuanyun)


Currently: Director of the National Outreach Department of China Internet Alliance, member of the National Association of Workers and Artists of China, member of the Artists Association of Central State Organs, member of Chinese Artists Association, member of Beijing Fengtai District Artists Association, visiting professor of Confucius Art Museum, signed painter of Ink Painting and Calligraphy Institute of China Education Television Ink Painting and Painting Column Group, member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, executive director of Calligraphy Art Research Association of China Couplets Association, Director of national architecture institute of china Painting and Calligraphy Art Professional Committee, World Chinese Calligraphers Association, Honorary Director of Chinese General Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Academician, Director of China Qingfeng Painting and Calligraphy Association, Director of 315 Painting and Calligraphy Art Exchange Department, Vice President of Shaanxi Jingyang Yu Youren Calligraphy Research Association, and Director of Entrepreneur Daily Art Research Institute.




文化上品 修行正觉——记著名书画家杨茗媛

Cultural Excellence, Practical Awareness —— A Record of Yang Mingyuan, a Famous Calligrapher


Painting and calligraphy are of the same origin, originated from culture and become spiritual practice. If the creation of calligraphy and painting ignores the foundation of cultural accomplishment, then both calligraphy and painting are confined to the actions of artisans, and cannot express the splendid culture. Watching the famous painter Yang Mingyuan's paintings and calligraphy works is clear: because she is supported by rich cultural accomplishment, her paintings and calligraphy creation can be blessed by spiritual practice, thus breaking away from the shackles of artisans and moving towards the avatar who works only because of the change of heart!





Artistic ideal determines creative direction, while cultural practice determines artistic height. Yang Mingyuan, a painter and painter, is also a double-major disciple who practices Zen and realizes Heaven. He has read the Book of Changes since he was 18 years old and knows how to change easily. Taoist priest Zhen Dacheng, who is a descendant of 24 generations of Yuyang real people of Quanzhen religion. Seek the truth on the other shore, cultivate the true meaning of Prajna, convert to the dead exorcist, be idealistic in the three realms, and realize nothing. Have a good knowledge of the classics, know the world law, and have excellent Confucianism! She studied Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism deeply, and she can do things when things happen, and she can handle things, but nothing happens when things happen! Many good laws are pondered one by one. You can write calligraphy when you see your heart. Therefore, Yang Mingyuan's paintings and calligraphy all have profound and wonderful ways, and also have the taste of Zen, which is a model of gilding paintings and calligraphy with the pattern of cultural cultivation!





Yang Mingyuan paints, and has a super-professional position. Law does not deceive people, and merit does not deceive the world! Can be meticulous, be good at freehand brushwork, be a character, write landscapes, be omnipotent, and be refined! Ladies' works are exquisite, beautiful and pleasing to the eye, and they are very authentic high ancient testimonies. In the painting method of Gaogu, the expressionism of ink painting art is always blended in, and the Tibetan mastiff is painted from ancient times to the present, and everything is painted as avatar, with both form and spirit! New Chinese paintings are beautiful and pleasing to the eye, which is a new fashion that borrows the past and opens up the present.





The theme of her character creation is Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, which is vivid creation after looking through thousands of years of cultural background. Because they are proficient in Buddhism, they do not respect each other, and do not express themselves as superficial images, but draw Tathagata with consciousness. The heart is sincere, so painting is solemn, not solemn, and it is a wish for raft metaphor. A world-respected work is to cultivate one's own merits and virtues!


For Laozi's portrait, it is the mystery of people's law, land, heaven, road and nature, and its painting style is simple, its color is dust-free, and it has the demeanor of a wise man and the character of a repairman. Painting Confucius statues, taking Jin and Jin Dynasties as the method, has played an unparalleled role in line modeling. You Simiao has high antiquity, iron lines depict spirit, and orchid leaves depict scroll style, which has both form and spirit, and becomes the first product of sage statues!





Yang Mingyuan is a practitioner of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and the practice of culture is not a barrier, but an integrated value orientation. Therefore, her paintings are impartial in the construction of the cultural core, and always interpret all good laws in Danqing, reflecting the cultural influence of being fair and bright!





Practice the law, do the right thing. She painted landscapes in accordance with the law, which is the realm of spiritual exchanges between heaven and earth. Her landscape works attach great importance to the expressive force of pen and ink. The lines are straight, like steel, and like scraping iron, which can make attainments in the environment, and build bones for the landscape by virtue of the super-pen power. Make ink painting again, with vivid charm. Virtual and real are born, and far and near are necessary. Densely writing the dust, the empty one is full of deep beauty, the cloud is on the mountain top, and the Tao is spread. Landscape painting is often a kind of image that can be said but not said, and also a famous and not said image. The painting is rigorous and profound. A landscape is empty, and a volume of poetry and books is drawn.




文化上品,修行正觉。她的书法修炼,走的是一条碑帖双修的正大路径,以碑立骨,以帖显神,可以写透传统书法的严谨 法度,绝不写粗头乱服的江湖体。在法度的框架里,创作书法文化的以形达意!铁点银钩,方圆周备,锋须往来,笔墨调和。修行到了,笔墨的境界就有了。书画皆是杨茗媛修行的映象,写禅是觉悟,画道是自然。文化修行深,书画贵有品!

Culture is top grade, and practice is right. Her calligraphy practice follows a fair path of double repair of inscriptions, which builds bones with monuments and reveals spirit with stickers, and can thoroughly write the rigorous laws of traditional calligraphy, and never write the Jianghu style with rough heads. In the framework of testimonies, create calligraphy culture to express meaning with form! Iron point silver hook, Fiona Fang Zhou Bei, front must contact, pen and ink to reconcile. When the practice comes, there will be a realm of pen and ink. Painting and calligraphy are the reflection of Yang Mingyuan's practice, writing Zen is consciousness, and painting Tao is nature. Cultural practice is deep, painting and calligraphy are expensive and valuable!




Famous critics of painting and calligraphy


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